There is always room for extra comfort! Discover our specially designed headrests that perfectly match the most By SIDDE sofas. Now make your seating area even more comfortable and enjoy your place for relaxation and rest.

Finn | Headrest
+ 4
Moa | Headrest




+ 4
Odin | Headrest
+ 4
Nord | Headrest
+ 4
Sommer | Headrest
+ 5

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Remus | Headrest
+ 2

Optimal comfort

Would you like to add extra seating comfort to your By SIDDE sofa? Choose a headrest in the same fabric and colour as your sofa and enjoy an even more comfortable seating experience. Create your ideal place of relaxation with a By SIDDE sofa to your liking.

The By SIDDE headrests

By SIDDE offers this for the following sofas: Nord, Odin, Finn, Remus, Moa and Sommer. With these sofas, enhance your seating experience and enjoy optimal comfort on your own sofa!

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By SIDDE's headrests are an ideal addition for those who want to upgrade their seating comfort. Order easily and receive your order at home within 7-9 working days!